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Welcome to AgriVenture Through WhyFarm
Fostering a commitment to agricultural development
AgriVenture AgriVenture takes on an intense course structure to introduce an Agricultural Adventure for children to be educated about food and nutrition security. With its unique outline it allows for the participants of the course to have fun while simultaneously learning the role in which they can adopt to contribute towards food security. AgriVenture through WHYFARM seeks to foster a commitment to agricultural development that promotes a sense of hope for the future in a sustainable and food secure economy.
School/Community & Camps
For Career Fairs, agri-motivational talks, Workshop sessions etc.
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Easter Camp
Princess Town
“The Children were truly excited and saw agriculture in a new light”
AGRIman in South Africa
We are proud to have an Agrimonial from these children all the way from South Africa holding an AGRIman comic book
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